RITZ - Rehabilitation Initiative and Technology Platform Zurich

The RITZ is the Zurich-wide platform on which all departments, laboratories, hospitals and institutions with a genuine interest in neurorehabilitation collaborate and interact.
Our mission is to find and exploit synergies, optimize knowledge transfer and stimulate the interaction of basic neuroscience, engineering and clinical sciences in research, education and patient care.
Our goals are:

  • Giving the patient with brain or spinal cord injury, such as after stroke or trauma, access to novel therapies and techniques that may enhance recovery.
  • Providing an environment of continuous neurorehabilitive care that does not drop the patient.
  • Establishing a platform for clinical research that will allow to answer the most pressing questions in neurorehabilitation.
  • Spreading information and knowledge through internet and regular meetings and symposia.
  • Formulate and perform interdisciplinary research collaborations.
  • Create an educative environment that offers all aspects of neurorehabilitation science to students, research fellows, medical doctors and therapists.
  • Organize national and international symposia and conferences.


RITZ president: Prof. Dr. Andreas Luft
RITZ vice-president: Prof. Dr. Armin Curt