Pediatric Neurorehabilitation

Pediatric Rehab Research Group

The Rehabilitation Center of the University Children’s Hospital Zurich in Affoltern am Albis is the only pediatric rehabilitation center in Switzerland. Annually, we rehabilitate about 200-250 in-patients, aged between 0 and 18 years, with various diagnoses, such as cerebral palsy, status after neuro-orthopaedic surgery, traumatic brain injuries and stroke, congenital disorders, spinal cord injury etc.

In our center, we have a large interest in the application of rehabilitation robotics with virtual reality scenarios to provide biofeedback and increase the motivation of our young patients. Our therapists apply robots and other electronic devices to train both the lower and upper extremities.

The Pediatric Rehab Research Group

  • investigates the effectiveness of these devices
  • contributes to the development of new devices with various partners within the RITZ
  • develops and validates functional assessment scores for children and juveniles
  • and enhances the development of sensory-motor learning programs for children and adolescents with neurological movement disorders.