CRPP Seminar Days 2017

CRPP Seminar Day: Thursday, 23 November 2017, 14.00 - 18.00
Topic: Interaction Engineering
ETH Zurich, HG E42


14:00 Robert Riener Welcome Notes
14:05 Kilian Baur Multiplayer, robot-aided rehabilitation
14:35 Fabian Just BridgeT - Fusion of conventional and robot-aided therapy
15:05   Short break
15:15 Nicolas Gerig Missing visual depth cues in VR limit performance and quality of 3D reaching movements
15:45 Florian Haufe The instrumented crutch
16:15   Short coffee break
16:25 László Demkó ZurichMove in Use
16:55 Walter Karlen Smart phone diagnosis
17:55   Closing remarks