CRPP Seminar Days 2016

Seminar 2: Gait - 27 October 2016

Time Title Presenter
14.00-14.05 Introduction M. Bolliger /
B. Zörner
14.05-14.35 Dual tasking in controls and SCI subjects T. Killeen
14.35-15.05 Gait pathology in multiple sclerosis and its responsiveness to treatment with fampridine L. Filli
15.05-15.15 Short Break  
15.15-15.45 Assessing gait with a full body sensing system: Demo & first results J. Held
15.45-16.15 Influence of body weight support on gait kinematics in SCI C. Schmidt
16.15-16.30 Short Break  
16.30-16.45 Influence of soft exoskeleton on gait in healthy humans K. Schmidt
16.45-17.15 Can "quality of gait" be objectively and accurately assessed? Motor output variability during walking is discretely regulated in patients with neuromotor diseases N. Singh
17.15-17.30 Discussion / Concluding remarks A. Curt

Seminar 1: Sensors - 31 March 2016

14.00-14.05IntroductionM. Starkey /
R. Gassert
14.05-14.35Sensor-based Neurorehabilitation for stroke patients: Monitoring and TherapyJ. Held
14.35-15.05Monitoring everyday life motor activities in childrenR. Labruyère
15.05-15.15Short Break
15.15-15.30Spinal Cord Injury specific IMU-based outcome measuresW. Popp
15.30-15.45Long-term monitoring of spinal cord injured individuals during acute careM. Brogioli
15.45-16.00Collecting reference data for comparison and goal setting during spinal cord injury rehabS. Schneider
16.00-16.10Short Break
16.10-16.30The NISCI Clinical TrialA. Curt
16.30-16.50ZurichMOVE: new approaches for assessing gait quality and quantity in patientsB. Taylor / 
M. Hitz
16.50-17.50The soft hardware of the adult CNS as a basis for neurorehabilitationM. Schwab
17.50-18.00Discussion/Concluding remarksA. Curt