UCL - ZNZ 2nd Joint Workshop

Monday, 22 September 2014

13.00 Welcome
Klaus Grätz, Dean Medical Faculty UZH
13.05 Introduction of UCL Neuroscience and ZNZ
Trevor Smart, Jean-Marc Fritschy
13.30 Session 1: Synaptic transmission
Matthew Gold, Florian Stengel
14.20 Session 2: Emotion recognition and processing
Ray Dolan, Dominik Bach, James Kilner, Nicole Wenderoth
16.00 Break
16.30 Session 3: Computation and translation
Klaas Stephan, NN
17.20 Funding possibilities for joint collaboration in Europe
Arjen Brussaard, Director Neuroscience Campus Amsterdam

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

8.30 Session 4: Imaging methodologies
Felix Scholkmann, Ruth Tuura
9.20 Session 5: Spinal cord injury rehabilitation, part I
Nick Weiskopf, Patrick Freund
10.10 Break
10.30 Session 6: Spinal cord injury rehabilitation, part II
Mohammadi Siawoosh, John Ashburner
11.20 Session 7: Neuro-urology
Jalesh Panicker, Claudia Wheeler-Kingshott, Thomas Kessler
12.35 Lunch
13.00 Session 8: Investigator-Initiated Clinical Trials in SCI and MS
Martin Schwab, Armin Curt, Olga Ciccarelli, Roland Martin, Alan Thompson
15.05 General discussion, wrap-up, next steps
15.30 End of workshop